Vinyl Volumes

A Personal side project. A series of illustrations done day by day while listening to a different record each day. All finished before the needle spun out on the groove. Have a gander and judge my musical taste

Vinyl collection-all.jpg
Vinyl collection-04.jpg
Vinyl collection-02.jpg
Vinyl collection-05.jpg
Vinyl collection-01.jpg
Vinyl collection-03.jpg
Vinyl collection-06.jpg
Vinyl collection-09.jpg
Vinyl collection-18.jpg
Vinyl collection-10.jpg
Vinyl collection-13.jpg
Vinyl collection-08.jpg
Vinyl collection-11.jpg
Vinyl collection-14.jpg
Vinyl collection-15.jpg
Vinyl collection-16.jpg
Vinyl collection-17.jpg
Vinyl collection-12.jpg
Vinyl collection-07.jpg